In recognition of the impacts that the design and delivery of major events have on the environment, society, and economy, MLF Event Architecture inc. is committed to the development and implementation of comprehensive strategies which will ensure its operations and ongoing projects reflect best practice in sustainability management.

The overall objectives of our strategies are to:

  • Minimize and effectively manage waste throughout the event construction lifecycle;
  • Manage and mitigate the climate change impacts of our operations;
  • Implement best practice in energy efficiency and conservation;
  • Support markets for environmentally and socially responsible goods and services;
  • Continually improve the sustainability of our operations; and
  • Leave a positive legacy in our host communities.

Central to our strategy is to make every effort to engage employees, contractors, suppliers and partners who share our passion to realize these objectives.

Looking for  a simple way to explain the concept of Sustainability?  Here’s a great animation to share that was created by RealEyes Sustainability